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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Coach

People often  tell me that I am very “disciplined”.  I’m not so sure if that is good or bad but one thing is certain and that is that I am not disciplined enough to tackle this race on my own. Obviously I will need the support of my family and friends but what I am talking about is some direction on the day to day aspects of training. This is where my coach ,  Tim Key , comes in to the picture. I must give credit to my friends, Rob and Beth  S.,  who introduced me to Tim. They had a great experience  working with him on their own fitness  program.  Tim has personally completed 10 Ironman distance races with a personal best time of 9:18 in 2001 at Ironman Florida. He has also had 5 appearances at the International Championship in Kona, Hawaii.
I became a client of TK ProFitness in 2008 when I challenged Tim to get me ready for my first Half Ironman race. He only had 6 weeks to get me ready , granted I had been  training for an Olympic distance tri the few  months prior. He was excellent and the result was one of my most  satisfying achievements, to actually beat my pre race goal. It was exhilarating during the run portion when I realized that I had an opportunity to finish better than I had expected.
Tim has a website that you can visit for yourself: www.tktri.com .  He has a special way of building trust with his athletes and then using that trust to get them where they want to be on a physical level. He uses heart rate training zones to gradually develop his client’s endurance and he has an amazing way of figuring out where your baseline is at the onset.
Training for Ironman Texas began November 1st for me and as the journey goes forward I will share some of my training routines so that you will be able to experience the daily schedule.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you and your family have a great Christmas!

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