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Friday, December 10, 2010

Guest Blogger Susan Teeple

Guest Posting
By Susan Teeple (the wife)

The ARMY and NIKE:
Two of my favorite phrases the advertising geniuses ever created are:


Doesn’t that sum it all up?  Why else did I convince my darling husband to compete in an IRONMAN for his 40th birthday?  Like most women, I selfishly want him around in his spare time to spend time with me or help out with our three hilarious but insanely energetic kids.  However, I believe that when we all challenge ourselves and leap out of our comfort zones we grow immensely as people and really open ourselves up to cool experiences.  We should all do something that scares us a little bit – I’m not talking about sky diving and jumping out of a plane at 10,000 feet (we will save that for his 50th!)   By attempting something that we could succeed or fail at – we enjoy new adventures in life and grow as people.  As Winston Churchill wisely said: “Success is going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.”

Yes, it is quite possibly insane to think that swimming 2.4 miles, biking 112 and running a FREAKING MARATHON at the end of a one day race is a great and worthy achievement!!!!  But if you can attempt it – wow, wouldn’t that be cool if you could actually do it?  I know Sloan is counting on our three awesome children cheering for him along the race route – and guess what - they wouldn’t miss it for the world.
So go for it!  Be the best you can be & JUST DO IT.

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