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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Bronchitis Hits

A friend told me that I had to be authentic and include the good with the bad so here comes some badness. You might have guessed by the title that I am sick. That's right, this week I went from being an ironman in training to being Mr. Sillypuddy. The chest cold that I am battling seems to be going around. It is no fun to cough so hard that one's eyes tear up. My patients say that I look more ill than they are. Who knows if it was my crazy training schedule last week, the first swim in the good ole ATC pool, or my trip to Vegas but one or all of them knocked down my immune system that had been firing on all cylinders for quite a while. It always makes me appreciate all those days that I feel generally healthy and maybe that is part of God's plan for illness. Not sure how much training I will get done this week but two things for sure , no swimming until I can breathe again and my abs are actually getting a great workout holding my lungs in place with all the coughing. If I am well enough to go to work then I can still get some weight lifting in and maybe some abbreviated endurance work too.

Hopefully you are staying healthy!

Thanks for checking in.

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  1. as I googled "ironman training with bronchitis", your blog came up. Aside from a quad tear, my training for MY first Ironman has been going well enough. I pushed it too hard this week, but I only missed a run and a swim workout. I've resigned myself to missing tomorrow's run so I can make Sunday's long ride. I hope your training is going well. Good luck!