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Monday, December 6, 2010

First Schedule Challenge

Well I was planning to introduce my coach this time but after the weekly training schedule he gave me , that's not going to happen today.....haha. Training officially started November first and the schedule has been pretty easy to manage so far with "2 a days" on some days but no workouts longer than 90 minutes at any given time.

This week is different and I'm sure just a taste of more to come. I thought you might be curious so here it is:

Monday : Swim for 2600yds and 40 minutes of strength training with weights.
Tuesday : Bike for 43 minutes with 5 minutes of core workouts
Wednesday : Swim 2600 yds
Thursday : Swim 2500 yds and Bike 40 minutes
Friday : Run 40 minutes and strength training with weights for 40 min.
Saturday : Bike/Run combo for 2hours and 15 minutes
Sunday : Bike 2 hours

This isn't too bad really but throw in two days of 4 hour surgeries, two Christmas parties on Thursday night, and traveling to Las Vegas for a Testosterone Meeting this weekend and it gets a little tricky.

Here is how I plan to do it:
Monday : P90X stretch for 45 min - Surgery - Swim 2600yds - Office - Krav Maga (forgot to mention that)
Tuesday : Bike 2hrs - Office - Lunch Meeting - Swim 2600yds (No surgery today)
Wednesday : Bike 43min - 5min Core - Office - Surgery - Dentist appt. - Swim 2500yds
Thursday : Bike 40min - Surgery - Office - Christmas parties
Friday : Bike/Run Combo 2hrs 15min - Vasectomy at the Office -  Flight to Vegas at Noon.
Saturday : Run 40 min.- 40 min. of strength training - Medical Conference
Sunday :  40 min. of strength training - Fly Home

What was I thinking?!
Wish me luck and thanks for visiting!
Isaiah 40:28-31

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