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Special Thanks to Susan, Laura B., Tim K., Spencer C., and Gary M.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Austin and Humidity

We spent Easter weekend where I grew up in Austin visiting my family and Susan's mother, Blanche, who drove up from Houston. Everyone was nice enough to put up with my training and I couldn't have completed it without their help. The weather was unusually warm and windy, even for Austin this time of year. The high temp was 90 each day with 85% humidity. During the ride on Saturday the wind was blowing 20-30 mph and this actually helped to keep me cool. Regardless there was a fine layer of ( how do I put it? sweat, moisture, wetness, gross I know but you get the picture) covering my skin the entire time I was training. Man I love Amarillo's dry climate.

Saturday I took off riding into unknown territory based on my map and it didn't take me long to remember how hilly it can be. The county road I picked had about 30 cattle guards mixed with low water crossings but the scenic views made up for the rough ride. 5 hours was the goal. Luckily my SAG ( Support and Gear) car arrived after 3 hours when I had exhausted my 4 water bottles ( no convenience stores on this road).

                                   Evie and my mother drew the short straw to help me out.

After loading up, I was back on the road. Of course Evie wanted to keep an eye on me so they tagged along for the next few hours and they were welcome company.

                  Do ya think Evie would help me change a flat while wearing that pink tutu??

Tim had a long run scheduled for Sunday. He wanted me to run for 25 minutes and walk for 5 minutes every half hour until finished. I chose the hike and bike trail around Town Lake to accomplish this.

It was very entertaining to watch all of the different Austinite's that were out getting exercise. Walkers reading their iPads to all of the very fittest that the Hill Country has to offer. Austin's weird reputation shined through when I heard some girls talking about this "guy" running around with his shirt off. Then I saw why they were discussing him. Picture the yoga instructor from the Couples Retreat with short hair running around in cargo shorts that were hanging down so low that only "one thing" was holding them up. It almost made me puke and laugh at the same time. Thank goodness there were enough ladies running around, showing their six pack abs, to cure me ( I might get in trouble now). Anyway, it really made the 4 hours and 23 miles go by very quickly.

                                                    One of the pianos along the trail.

Susan and I thank God every day for placing us in Amarillo and the panhandle has far surpassed my expectations but a special part of my soul will always belong to Austin.

 Thanks for checking in.

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