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Special Thanks to Susan, Laura B., Tim K., Spencer C., and Gary M.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Another First

Saturday was another first for me along this journey. Running a Half Marathon is the longest distance that I had run until now. The schedule called for a 3 hour run which I decided to do completely on the trails at the Palo Duro Canyon. 18 miles later in the 90+ degrees and I had a new PR in total distance and also for being off road. People had been asking me , "how long are your runs now?", "when are you going to put some 20 milers in?" . Well it turns out that these long distance runs are the most worrisome for causing injury in someone my age so Tim has been holding them out for the end of my training. Overall I feel really good so far and my biggest worry has been the possibility of a stress fracture in my right foot. After a visit with the podiatrist and a few Xrays later, it turns out that I am fine and the pain is gone too.

Most of my running during the week takes place in the early morning hours at the Downtown Athletic Club. I put the treadmill on 2% incline to take the advantage of the moving belt out of the picture.
For some reason my boys have decided to get up early to join me some mornings. I want to thank the other members for tolerating them and helping to keep an eye out for them too.

                                                           Hudson (left) and Chase (right).

Tomorrow I travel with Gary and William to San Angelo for a Duathlon that Tim asked us to do as a warm up for the big race in 35 days. I will let you know how it goes.

Thanks for the visit.

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