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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Pouting & Recovering

More from the wife....

When Sloan started writing this blog, we both decided to be honest about this experience - from the bronchitis to the humility lesson on the mountain bike, I think he has actually stayed true to that!  My turn!  I have to admit, I have noticed that the closer we get to the Ironman, Sloan is getting more intense, focused and serious.  Now, these are qualities I have always seen in Sloan - and they actually come in handy in his "day" job, but I am not a fan when "office Sloan" doesn't turn into happy, cute husband and dad on the way home from the hospital.  I can tell that even though Tim's weekly workouts challenge Sloan, he has also really had to juggle his schedule to make it all work and that has produced a couple of moments where his "intensity" level gets him in trouble with his loving wife.

I have amazing friends and when I was explaining my frustration with Sloan's increased absence and mood, my good friend Joanna did what any friend would do:  listened.  After a couple nods, I really expected her to say to me - "he needs to lighten up."  Nope.  Her two word response to me was this:  "finish strong."  She was obviously 100% correct.  We have been training for this race since October/November - it has been a blast watching him challenge himself and succeed.  I am so proud of all that he has attempted and I do want all of us to in fact, finish strong.

Oh, and the above picture of my favorite tulips were hand delivered to me by a really cute guy in scrubs on Monday while I was playing cards with the girls. Smart man.

Happy Easter to you all!
PS - a picture of Evie who caught her first fish yesterday!!!

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