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Special Thanks to Susan, Laura B., Tim K., Spencer C., and Gary M.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Race Venue

The Woodlands Texas has been a great host to us so far. I can't wait for Susan and the kids to get here tomorrow afternoon. Here are some pics of the venue:
This was the line to checkin and register for the race. Each participant is given a blue wrist band that must be worn throughout the competition and their timing chip as well.

The expo has all of the latest and greatest gear that every triathlete "needs" to have.

Tomorrow morning between 8am and 10am we get to do a practice swim at the swim start located near this dock.

The last third of the swim distance is down this canal and ends at these stairs. We climb out and run a short distance to the transition area to get on our bikes.

This is my bike rack for bib 1956. Not too far from the transition exit between those two red brick columns.

Here is where we get on the bike to start the 112 miles. The white tent at the rear is where we exited the water.
We took our bikes for one last test ride along the run course. There are some really beautiful homes along the path that takes us around the lake and finishes below in the Market Street shopping district.
Hopefully my family will watch me cross the finish line ( where the red car is down the street) from our hotel terrace.
This energetic group of athletes is representing Amarillo!

Hopefully Susan will be able to give some updates on race day and I plan on filling you in on the entire experience either Sunday or Monday after it's over.

Thanks for all of your positive feedback and prayers too! They have been truly inspirational for me.

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  1. Pulling for you Sloan! This is a big event, and I've really enjoyed keeping up with your training. Looking forward to seeing you and hearing a good report.