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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

More from the Wife

Guest Blog #2
by Susan Teeple

So many people ask me what it is like to be married to someone training for an Ironman.

They get this horrific look on their face of pity and fear.  “Do you ever see him?”  “Why is he doing that?”  Honestly, it is not nearly as bad as you would assume.  Recently, it has intensified, and the time commitment is huge.  We do miss him; but I have to say that last night was a great example of how it works. I attended Bible Study with the girls, and Sloan went to dinner with our kids and caught up over chips and queso. I know it is cliche’ to say, but “quality over quantity” is totally working for our family right now.

Basically, this Ironman prep is deemed completely normal in our home.  The kids are used to helping Sloan peel off his soaked shirts after a workout (he wears multiple layers to prepare his body for the heat and humidity of Houston) - sounds easy, but WOW that man can sweat.  Ice baths are insanely entertaining to us - listening for the sounds as he enters the tub. They love hearing stories from his training - like bulls about to charge because William had on red.  Sheer entertainment for a 11, 9 and 6 year old. It’s the new normal.

I cannot wait for race day on May 21st.  I’m sure this makes Sloan nervous, I am a bit aggressive with my support.  The last time Sloan competed was his 70.3 Ironman and I was overheard on multiple occasions yelling “RUN FASTER!!!!”  And on that note, we were talking recently - I know that ipods are “frowned upon” in real athletic circles - but I have told Sloan he is completely nuts if he plans on running the last 26.2 miles of this race without the aid of a little Eminem or Kanye. 

To me, running is all about the tunes.  I ran the Austin marathon a couple of years ago, and when I "hit the wall" on mile 20 - you know who brought me back?  PRINCE.  Yes, Prince.  There are just certain songs that get you through the rough spots and motivate you to run faster - and in my opinion, “Let’s Go Crazy” is one of those songs.  So here is my question....  

What are your favorite running songs?  Let’s compile the best playlist ever - email Sloan at sloan.teeple@suddenlink.net or leave your “comment” for this blog of your favorite songs to run to and we will post the ultimate running play list as it develops.

Take care - and RUN FASTER!
The guys wearing pink in honor of Evie's 6th birthday last week!

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  1. Great guest post, Susan! I don't actually listen to much music when I run. I like to take in everything around me when I'm outside, and I usually watch TV on the treadmill. However,I do agree that a great song can really get you pumped up when you're in a slump, and I definitely want to contribute to the playlist. My song isn't necessarily the one for mile 20, but just a great inspirational song that will hopefully keep you going through some part of your training or race. The song is Lose My Soul by tobymac. Hope you enjoy! Farrar