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Special Thanks to Susan, Laura B., Tim K., Spencer C., and Gary M.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Keeping It Balanced

It was time for a break from training and work, so Susan and I headed to the mountains with some good friends. We spent a long weekend skiing at Deer Valley in Utah, our first visit to this part of the country. Coach Key wasn't too thrilled at the idea because he has had previous clients injure themselves on the slopes. He still gave me his blessing and reassured me that I wouldn't lose any ground in my training.

Prior to leaving town, I hit it hard M/T/W with 2 hours of swimming, 2 hours of running , and 2 hours of biking before our Thursday morning flight. Even with all of the training under my belt, it was still difficult to keep up on the slopes with Dale and Benson, my friends from Amarillo. We used a new iPhone app called Ski Tracks to monitor our speed and distance covered. Tim might read this so I won't discuss my top speeds but Dale was sure tearing it up.  It was two days of great snow and skiing and after we arrived home at 2pm today I thought I'd go for a swim, but fatigue set in.  I opted for the P90X stretch instead. This is a 45 minute total body stretch workout that I try to complete once a week to help prevent injury.

Sloan, Dale and Benson

On another note, I didn't realize how much my appetite has increased since starting all of this training. This is just my dessert plate. I am now black-listed from the Montage buffet.

Thanks for checking in - hope you have a great week.

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