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Special Thanks to Susan, Laura B., Tim K., Spencer C., and Gary M.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Workout Schedule for the Week

The workout schedule designed by Tim keeps intensifying gradually. Here is a look at this week's training.

Monday :  Spin bike 45 minutes
Tuesday :  Swim 2450 yds, Run 40 minutes at Heart Rate 130-151, Core strengthening for 5 minutes
Wednesday : Swim 1500 yds , Bike 90 minutes at HR 126-141.
Thursday : Run for speed 60 minutes
Friday : Bike 60 minutes easy for recovery.
Saturday : Run 55 minutes with drills, Bike 2 hours endurance pace, Swim 1650 yds
Sunday : Bike 3 hours endurance pace.

Here are some other things going on this week that I will need to fit in amongst the training:
Tuesday Bible study at 7pm
Friday Massage (I'm not missing this) at 4pm, My parents arrive in town for the weekend to spend some time with the Grandkids.
Saturday Evie's soccer game at noon. Party with friends to celebrate a Birthday tonight.
Sunday Church at 10:30am and Evie's Soccer at 1:30pm.

I will try to give you an example like this every month along the way.

Thanks for checking in.

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